Hand rubbing with sprayed alcohol-based hand rub/sanitizer is just as effective as rubbing with alcohol-based hand rub/sanitizer poured onto the palm of the hand to reduce bacterial counts on hands and may be an acceptable alternative hand hygiene method pending assessment in other settings and for other pathogens

In February 2020 researchers from the Infection Control Programme, WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety in Singapore and Switzerland published the results of their study to assess whether sprayed alcohol-based … Read more

A distinctive smell, stress, menstruation, changes in weather and sunlight, sleep deprivation are all known triggers of migraines and tension-type headaches in adults with the geographical location and ethnicity also having a role to play

In February 2019 researchers from Malaysia published their review on the triggers for migraine and tension-type headaches in adults, with the researchers assessing the influence of geographical location, ethnicity and … Read more