Herbs and spices appear to have antioxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties and they may in addition reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, eg cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative conditions, chronic inflammation, arthritis, cancer, obesity and diabetes type 2

In May 2019 researchers from Canada published their review of the medical scientific literature to identify and assess specific biomarkers in 25 herbs and spices, namely anise, basil, black pepper, … Read more

A “smart toothbrush” is able to keep track of any skipped areas, pinpointing missed areas on a tooth map, and give details on the percentage of brushed surface, the teeth that require more attention, and if the user is applying too much pressure in any area that could induce gingival damage

In June 2019 researchers from Italy published their review on the use of a “smart toothbrush” in an intensive care environment. Providing effective oral hygiene is crucial in this environment … Read more