Carbonated drinks and packaged fruit juices cause dental enamel erosion

In December 2018 researchers from India and Saudi Arabia published their study to assess the erosive potential of twenty beverages on teeth. A total of 8 carbonated drinks and 12 packaged fruit juices were included in the study and the acidity of each beverage was assessed. A total of 21 sound freshly extracted teeth were cut into small slices and stored in normal saline. An enamel slice was then immersed in each beverage and percentage weight loss of the enamel slice was assessed after 6 and 24 hours. Results showed that the packaged fruit juices had a higher acidity value than the carbonated drinks. Most of the beverages had dental erosion potential although all the carbonated drinks were seen to cause significant dental erosion. However, apple juice was found to be the most erosive drink with the guava juice the least.

Shroff P et al. Analyses of the Erosive Potential of Various Soft Drinks and Packaged Fruit Juices on Teeth. J Contemp Dent Pract. 2018 Dec 1;19(12):1546-1551.

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