Toothpastes containing herbal extracts appear to be more efficient in reducing the type of bacteria seen in gingivitis/periodontitis, thereby raising the possibility that plant-based substances for oral care could substitute toxic chemicals

In January 2020 researchers from Russia and Switzerland published the results of their study to assess the effects of a toothpaste with Swiss medicinal herbs in individuals with gingivitis and the first stage of periodontitis. The toothpaste, containing 1450 ppm sodium monofluorophosphate and xylitol, was given to 15 individuals whilst the toothpaste, which additionally contained extracts of Chamomilla recutita, Arnica montana, Echinacea purpurea, and Salvia officinalis, was given to 35 individuals. Each individual was assessed for the level of gingivitis and periodontitis before and after the study period of two months. Results showed that the toothpaste containing the herbal extracts was more efficient in reducing the type of bacteria seen in gingivitis/periodontitis. Although the toothpaste was seen to exert a moderate antibacterial effect, the toothpaste containing the herbal extracts provided anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, direct and indirect antibacterial actions.

Kharaeva ZF et al. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Toothpaste with Swiss Medicinal Herbs towards Patients Suffering from Gingivitis and Initial Stage of Periodontitis: from Clinical Efficacy to Mechanisms. Dent J (Basel). 2020 Jan 15;8(1).

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