Some plants as natural remedies may have a beneficial effect on different aspects of polycystic ovary syndrome

In December 2019 researchers from Iran published their review of the medical scientific literature to assess the effect of different herbal medicines used for polycystic ovary syndrome. The researchers stated that side effects from long-term pharmaceutical treatments and their probable low efficacy have made complementary and alternative treatments a valuable option and recent reports have indicated that the use of complementary treatments are on the increase. Results showed that according to a multitude of studies, a wide spectrum of herbs can be used to improve various aspects of polycystic ovary syndrome. Herbs such as Cinnamomum verum, Trigonella foenum-graecum L., and Vitex agnus-castus have been shown to be of benefit in menstrual and ovulatory problems, obesity, insulin resistance, lipid disorders and androgen excess-related conditions. However, further research is required to assess their mode of action and safety.

Moini Jazani A et al. A comprehensive review of clinical studies with herbal medicine on polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Daru. 2019 Dec;27(2):863-877

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