Consumption of sugary beverages, including fruit juices, is associated with mortality

In May 2019 researchers from the USA published the results of their study to assess the association between sugar sweetened beverages and 100% fruit juices with mortality. A total of 13,440 individuals (average age 64 years; 59% men; 71% overweight or obese)were involved in the study. Information on sugar-sweetened beverage and 100% fruit juice consumption was collected via a food frequency questionnaire. During an average follow-up of 6 years, 1000 individuals died of which 168 were due to coronary heart disease. Average sugary beverage consumption was 8.4% of total energy per day (4.4% from sugar sweetened beverages; 4.0% from 100% fruit juice). Results showed that when a high (over 10% of total energy) was compared to low (under 5% of total energy) intake of sugary beverages, a higher intake appeared to be associated with a higher risk of mortality. A further analysis revealed that the risk increased more for each additional 12 oz of fruit juice consumed than for each additional 12 oz of sugary beverage consumed.

Collin LJ et al. Association of Sugary Beverage Consumption With Mortality Risk in US Adults: A Secondary Analysis of Data From the REGARDS Study. JAMA Netw Open. 2019 May 3;2(5):e193121

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