Food additives are one of the factors in ultra-processed foods causing concern, for whilst some food additives can be beneficial for human health, others may alter the composition of the gut microbiota and lead to inflammation, which in turn may lead to different forms of inflammatory disease

In October 2019 researchers from Qatar published their review of the association between a Western diet and chronic diseases. A Western diet is characterised by a high intake of energy-dense … Read more

The Early Nutrition Project have published updated recommendations for optimized nutrition before and during pregnancy, during breastfeeding, infancy and toddlerhood which should contribute to the prevention of obesity and associated non-communicable diseases

In February 2019 researchers from Germany, UK, Poland, The Netherlands and Australia who were part of the The Early Nutrition Project published their review of the medical scientific literature and … Read more

Researchers call for action to be taken concerning sugar-sweetened beverages as the evidence of their harm on human health is strong – “we should avoid the trap of waiting for absolute proof before allowing public health action to be taken” (August 2013)

In August 2013 researchers from the USA published their review to assess whether there was sufficient scientific evidence to suggest that decreasing sugar-sweetened beverages consumption would reduce the incidence of … Read more