Coffee increases alertness and accuracy, as well as decreasing reaction time, tiredness and headache ratings

In September 2018 researchers from the UK published the results of their study to assess the effect of coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and placebo on cognition and mood. A total of 30 older individuals (aged 61-80 years) and 29 younger individuals (aged 20-34 years) were involved in the study. Episodic memory, working memory, attention, and subjective state were assessed both before and 30 minutes after the drink. Results showed that coffee produced the expected effects of decreased reaction time and increased alertness when compared to placebo. When compared to decaffeinated coffee, increased digit vigilance accuracy and decreased tiredness and headache ratings were observed. Decaffeinated coffee also increased alertness when compared to placebo. Higher jittery ratings following coffee in young females and older males were also noted.

Haskell-Ramsay CF et al. The Acute Effects of Caffeinated Black Coffee on Cognition and Mood in Healthy Young and Older Adults. Nutrients. 2018 Sep 30;10(10). pii: E1386

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