A greater amount of physical activity appears to improve daily functioning and reduce fatigue in women with fibromyalgia

In August 2018 researchers from the USA published the results of their study to assess the relationship between physical activity and pain, fatigue and daily functioning in women with fibromyalgia. A total of 171 women (aged 20-70 years) with fibromyalgia were involved in the study. Information on physical activity was self-reported as well as via an accelerometer, an instrument for measuring the acceleration of a moving body. Information on daily functioning, quality of life, fatigue, pain and the fear of movement was collected via questionnaires. In addition, pain sensitivity testing was undertaken. Results showed that physical activity was most closely associated with daily functioning and fatigue, regardless of age and BMI. Those who undertook the lowest amount of physical activity had poorer daily functioning and greater fatigue than those with a higher amount of physical activity. No association between physical activity and pain or pain sensitivity was observed.

Merriwether EN et al. Physical activity is related to function and fatigue but not pain in women with fibromyalgia: baseline analyses from the Fibromyalgia Activity Study with TENS (FAST). Arthritis Res Ther. 2018 Aug 29;20(1):199

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