A 30-minute exposure to mobile phone radiation appears to have a significant effect on cognition, especially in individuals with epilepsy

In March 2019 researchers from Egypt published the results of their study to assess the effect of mobile phone radiation on cognition in individuals with epilepsy. A total of 30 individuals with and 30 without epilepsy were included in the study. “Event-related potentials” are very small voltages generated in the brain in response to specific events or stimuli and in this study the reaction time of event related potentials in response to auditory stimuli were compared before and after a 30-minute call. In addition alpha power, which are the dominant brain waves when the brain is resting, was monitored before, during, and after exposure to mobile phone radiation. Alpha waves help overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind / body integration and learning. Results showed that an increase in reaction time and reduction in event-related potentials were more evident in individuals with epilepsy. In addition, there was a significant reduction in alpha power in both the control group and in those with epilepsy. However, in those with epilepsy these changes appeared to be significantly related to the time since the last seizure and with treatment received.

Elsawy N et al. Electrophysiological Assessment of the Impact of Mobile Phone Radiation on Cognition in Persons With Epilepsy. J Clin Neurophysiol. 2019 Mar;36(2):112-118.

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