Depending on the breathing rate, mobile phone use may affect heart rate variability

In October 2018 researchers from Hungary published the results of their study to assess heart rate during short-term 1,800MHz GSM mobile phone exposure. A total of 20 healthy individuals were included in the study. Heart rate variability was assessed during both real and sham (“bogus”) 1,800MHz GSM mobile phone usage. The rate of breathing in/breathing out was controlled via the use of a metronome. Results showed that there was significant heart rate variability at 1:1 paced breathing but not at 1:2 paced breathing when compared to sham exposure. It was also noted that there was also a mild post-exposure effect. The researchers therefore concluded that their findings reflected a persistent effect of mobile phone emissions on the autonomic nervous system.

Béres S et al. Cellular Phone Irradiation of the Head Affects Heart Rate Variability Depending on Inspiration/Expiration Ratio. In Vivo. 2018 Sep-Oct;32(5):1145-1153

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