Individuals with iron deficiency anaemia frequently have low levels of zinc

In January 2019 researchers from Egypt published the results of their study to assess whether zinc deficiency is associated with iron deficiency anaemia. A total of 30 individuals with iron deficiency anaemia were matched for age and sex with 30 healthy individuals who acted as a control group. Each individual underwent blood testing and symptoms attributed to iron deficiency, eg fatigue, cardiopulmonary symptoms, mental symptoms and neuromuscular symptoms, were recorded. Results showed that zinc levels were lower in individuals with iron deficiency anaemia than in control subjects. In addition zinc deficiency was also associated with worse cardiovascular symptoms and restless leg syndrome in individuals who had iron deficiency anaemia. The researchers recommended that individuals with iron deficiency anaemia also had their zinc levels checked.

Fathy Abdelhaleim A et al. Association of Zinc Deficiency with Iron Deficiency Anemia and its Symptoms: Results from a Case-control Study. Cureus. 2019 Jan 2;11(1):e3811.

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