Exercise induces short-term energy deficits irrespective of obesity and gender, but has an influence on energy balance over the longer term

In August 2018 researchers from the UK, Singapore and Japan published the results of their review of the medical scientific literature to assess how obesity, gender and regular physical activity influence exercise-induced appetite, energy intake and appetite-related hormone responses. Results showed that obesity and gender do not appear to modify appetite or energy intake following high intensity exercise. However, it was also noted that those exercising on a more regular basis may be better at adjusting energy intake in response to energy balance fluctuations.

Dorling J et al. Acute and Chronic Effects of Exercise on Appetite, Energy Intake, and Appetite-Related Hormones: The Modulating Effect of Adiposity, Sex, and Habitual Physical Activity. Nutrients. 2018 Aug 22;10(9). pii: E1140

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