Beef burgers prepared with wine grape pomace flour appear to improve fasting glucose and insulin resistance, antioxidant levels, and oxidative damage markers

In October 2018 researchers from Chile published the results of their study to assess whether wine grape pomace flour had any effect on a variety of blood test results. 27 male individuals, each exhibiting elements of the metabolic syndrome, consumed a beefburger prepared with 7% wine grape pomace flour containing 3.5% of fiber and 1.2 mg gallic equivalents/g of polyphenols daily for one month, consumed no burgers the second month and consumed one unsupplemented burger the third month. At the start of the 3-month period and at the end of each monthly study period various blood tests were assessed. Results showed that the burger prepared with wine grape pomace flour significantly improved fasting glucose and insulin resistance. Vitamin C levels also increased during the consumption of the wine grape pomace flour burger and low-density cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol) decreased when compared to the unsupplemented burger.

Urquiaga I et al. The Consumption of Beef Burgers Prepared with Wine Grape Pomace Flour Improves Fasting Glucose, Plasma Antioxidant Levels, and Oxidative Damage Markers in Humans: A Controlled Trial. Nutrients. 2018 Oct 1;10(10). pii: E1388

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