White grape juice appears to reduce BMI, waist and abdominal measurements and increase HDL(good)-cholesterol levels in adult women, which may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

In January 2019 researchers from Brazil published the results of their study to assess the effect of white grape juice supplementation on body mass index, waist and abdominal circumference, blood pressure and glucose, insulin, oxidative damage and lipid profile in adult women. A total of 25 women, aged 50 to 67 years, were involved in the study which lasted 30 days. Each individual consumed 7 ml/Kg/day of white grape juice (Vitis labrusca) with no other change to their diet or lifestyle. Body measurements were taken and blood samples collected before and after the study. Results showed that the white grape juice reduced the women’s BMI and waist and abdominal circumference. In addition, a 16% increase in HDL(good)-cholesterol levels was seen although there was no significant difference in blood pressure, blood glucose, insulin, or levels of oxidative damage. The researchers therefore concluded that white grape juice can improve metabolic parameters in women, which may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Zuanazzi C et al. White grape juice increases high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and reduces body mass index and abdominal and waist circumference in women. Nutrition. 2019 Jan;57:109-114.

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