Vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency appears to be associated with an unfavourable lipid profile

In May 2019 researchers from Brazil published the results of their study to assess changes in body measurements and nutritional and metabolic parameters in post-menopausal women who had low levels of vitamin D. A total of 106 post-menopausal women were included in the study. Vitamin D levels were assessed and the women divided into three groups according to their vitamin D level, namely sufficient (over 30 ng/mL), insufficient (between 20.1-29.9 ng/mL) and deficient (20 ng/mL and under). In addition. blood samples were analysed to assess the metabolic and nutritional status of the three groups. Body measurements were assessed and dietary recall questionnaires were completed. Results showed that 11 (10.4%) of the women were in the sufficient group, 50 (47.2%) in the insufficient group and 45 (42.4%) in the deficient group. Body measurements did not differ between the three groups. However, lower vitamin D levels were associated with higher levels of triglycerides, total cholesterol and LDL(bad)-cholesterol.

Simas LAW et al. Body composition and nutritional and metabolic parameters in postmenopausal women sufficient, insufficient and deficient in vitamin D. Arch Endocrinol Metab. 2019 May-Jun;63(3):265-271

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