Probiotic supplementation appears to reduce total cholesterol and triglycerides levels in pregnant women, as well as contributing to a reduced risk of gestational diabetes

In March 2019 researchers from China and the USA published the results of their review of the medical and scientific literature to assess the effects of probiotic supplementation on the the risk of developing gestational diabetes. A total of 10 studies, involving 1,139 pregnant women, were included in the review. Results showed that probiotic supplementation effectively reduced the fasting blood glucose levels, insulin levels and insulin resistance. They therefore concluded that probiotics significantly decreased the risk of gestational diabetes in early pregnancy. In addition, a further analysis revealed that the probiotic supplementation appeared to significantly reduce the total cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

Han MM et al. Probiotics improve glucose and lipid metabolism in pregnant women: a meta-analysis. Ann Transl Med. 2019 Mar;7(5):99.

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