Abbott Pharmaceuticals Ltd, and their Foundation, the Abbott Fund, launch their ‘Future Well Kids’ programme to help students live healthier, fuller lives

In October 2019 Abbott Pharmaceuticals Ltd, together with its foundation, the Abbott Fund, launched Future Well™ Kids, which is a programme partnering with schools and community organizations around the world to teach children aged 10-13 about the causes of chronic disease and the choices they can make to help them live healthier, fuller lives.

Chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, are the leading cause of death around the world and according to the World Health Organization, account for 71% of all deaths globally and 88% of all deaths in the U.S. The conditions and behaviours that lead to these conditions often start in childhood, eg globally, 81% of adolescents don’t get enough physical activity.

Through Future Well™ Kids, Abbott employee volunteers bring their health expertise to the classroom, working with teachers in local communities. The Abbott Fund has also partnered with Discovery Education, a global leader in digital curriculum resources, to develop a fun curriculum aimed at this age group. The students learn about good nutrition as well as physical fitness, and why they are so important to health and wellbeing. The programme encourages the students to take charge of their health by making simple changes in their own lives – which includes learning how to differentiate between sound nutrition advice and online health fads.

Currently the Future Well™ Kids programme serves schools near Abbott sites in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas and Virginia, as well as Ireland and Mexico. The program builds on Abbott’s expertise in nutrition, cardiovascular disease and diabetes care, and is designed to empower kids, support teachers and engage Abbott employees.

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