Makers of e-cigarette refills are still not meeting European regulations with respect to labelling/packaging and design/safety features

In September 2019 researchers from the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Preventian published the results of their study to assess e-cigarette compliance with European regulations regarding labelling/packaging and design/safety features. The European regulation came into force in early 2016 and prior to their implementation 107 e-cigarette refill liquids were bought from the five top-selling companies in France, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Romania, Hungary and Greece. In early 2018, ie following implementation, identical products were bought and a direct comparison was made. Results showed improvements to the labelling/packaging and design/safety features had been made following the regulations but that companies were only 100% compliant with respect to child-resistant fastenings (up from 93% prior to the regulations coming into force). It was however noted that only 86% had text-only warnings in place, 87% tamper-proof vials, 94% maximum refill volume ≤10 mL in vials, 86% health warnings on the box, vial or leaflet but that only 53% included a leaflet and 51% refilling instructions.

Girvalaki C et al. Compliance of e-cigarette refill liquids with regulations on labelling, packaging and technical design characteristics in nine European member states. Tob Control. 2019 Sep 13. [Epub ahead of print]

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