Physical activity and screen time are both associated with sleep quantity or sleep quality in adolescents

In April 2019 researchers from the USA published the results of their study to assess the relationships between physical activity, screen time, and sleep quantity and quality in adolescents. A total of 542 adolescents, aged 16-19 years, were included in the study. Information had been collected via a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Results showed that those adolescents who met the current physical activity recommendation were 50% more likely of having sufficient sleep (over 8 hours) than those not meeting the recommendation and that those who met the screen time recommendation (up to 2 hours/day) were 55% less likely to report poor sleep quality than those whose screen time exceeded the recommendation. Similar patterns were observed for both females and males. However, males who met both physical activity and screen time recommendations were 73% less likely to report poor sleep quality than males who met neither recommendation.

Xu F et al. Relationship between Physical Activity, Screen Time, and Sleep Quantity and Quality in US Adolescents Aged 16⁻19. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019 Apr 30;16(9). pii: E1524.

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