Living near power lines and maternal cordless phone use before and during pregnancy appears to be significantly associated with speech problems in the offspring but no link has been found between maternal mobile phone use and speech problems

In February 2019 researchers from Iran published the results of their study to assess whether exposure to common sources of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields either prior to or during pregnancy was associated with speech problems in their offspring. A total of 110 3-7 year-old children with speech problems were included in the study, as well as 75 healthy children who acted as a control group. Information on maternal exposure to different sources of electromagnetic frequencies such as mobile phones, mobile base stations, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, laptops and power lines was collected via interviews with the mother. Results showed that there was a statistically significant association between maternal use of cordless phones before and during pregnancy and speech problems in the offspring. However, no link between maternal mobile phone use and speech problems in the offspring was seen. A further analysis revealed a significant association between living near power lines and speech problems, again for both maternal exposure before and during pregnancy. However, exposure to other sources of non-ionizing radiation did not appear to be linked to speech problems. Furthermore, exposure to ionizing radiation (e.g. radiography before and during pregnancy) was not associated with the occurrence of speech problems.

Zarei S et al. Mother’s Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields before and during Pregnancy is Associated with Risk of Speech Problems in Offspring. J Biomed Phys Eng. 2019 Feb 1;9(1):61-68.

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