Protein supplementation appears to help prevent frailty in the elderly, but care should be taken as excess protein can be harmful

In January 2019 researchers from Spain published their review of dietary factors associated with frailty in the elderly. They stated that research has highlighted the association between low energy intake, inadequate intake of protein and vitamin D with the development of frailty. Few studies have been undertaken with frail individuals but those that have been performed to date appear to indicate that protein supplementation can help to prevent frailty. However, specific individual characteristics should be considered before protein supplementation is started as excess protein can also be harmful.  Studies involving other nutritional interventions, such as vitamin D and omega-3, are scarce therefore further research is required.  

Hernández Morante JJ et al. Dietary Factors Associated with Frailty in Old Adults: A Review of Nutritional Interventions to Prevent Frailty Development. Nutrients. 2019 Jan 5;11(1). pii: E102 

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