Rectal cancer survivors may find that controlling meal portions, timing regularity and refraining from late night eating improves bowel associated symptoms

In December 2018 researchers from the USA published the results of their survey on self-reported dietary and behavioural modifications used by long-term (5 years and over) survivors of rectal cancer to manage bowel dysfunction. A total of 575 individuals completed the survey. Results showed that fruits and vegetables were troublesome for symptoms, but were also helpful in reducing constipation, obstruction, and frequency, as well as improving predictability. Many individuals felt that red meat (18%), fried foods (14%), spicy foods (13%), carbonated beverages (8%), and sweets (8%) increased diarrhoea, gas, and urgency. Common behavioural modifications included controlling meal portions (51%), timing regularity (25%), and refraining from late night eating (14%).

Sun V et al. Diet and Behavior Modifications by Long-term Rectal Cancer Survivors to Manage Bowel Dysfunction-Associated Symptoms.  Nutr Cancer. 2018 Dec 20:1-11  

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