High flavonol dark chocolate appears to reduce blood pressure, dyslipidaemia and glycaemia thereby decreasing risk of cardiovascular disease

In January 2019 researchers from Poland reviewed the medical scientific literature to assess the effect of cocoa on cardiovascular risk factors. Results of their review showed that cocoa consumption, especially in the form of dark chocolate with a high flavonoid content, appear to reduce cardiovascular risk factors due to its beneficial effect on platelet aggregation, blood pressure, dyslipidaemia, and glycaemia. Many studies have shown that cocoa-derived flavonoids have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity and may also play a significant role in preventing insulin resistance. However, there is a need to conduct larger and longer studies to determine a safe and effective dose of cocoa flavonoids.

ZiÄ™ba K et al. Cardioprotective Mechanisms of Cocoa. J Am Coll Nutr. 2019 Jan 8:1-12

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