High alcohol consumption increases the risk of seizures in individuals with epilepsy

In June 2018 researchers from Germany published the results of their study to assess the association between alcohol consumption and the occurrence of seizures in 310 individuals with epilepsy. Information, collected via a standardized questionnaire, was analysed to identify independent predictors of seizures. Two-thirds of the individuals reported consuming alcohol within the last 12 months which may be an underestimate due to self-reporting and recall error. Results showed that individuals experienced seizures following large quantities of alcohol which was regardless of their usual alcohol-drinking behavior. The amount of alcohol consumed prior to the alcohol-related seizures was at least 7 standard drinks (equivalent to 1.4 L beer or 0.7 L wine), and in 95% of cases a seizure occurred within 12 h after cessation of alcohol intake.

Hamerle M et al. Alcohol use and alcohol-related seizures in patients with epilepsy. Front Neurol. 2018 Jun 5;9:401

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