Fruit and vegetable consumption may have an impact on sleep duration

In April 2018 researchers from the UK and Saudi Arabia published the results of their study which assessed the association between sleep duration and fruit/vegetable consumption. They analysed self-reported data and 4-day food diaries of 1,612 adults aged 19-65 years. Sleep duration was divided into: short (under 7 hours per day), reference (7-8 hours per day) and long (over 8 hours per day). Results showed that both long sleepers and short sleepers consumed less fruit/vegetables, ie 28g per day less and 24g per day less respectively, than those in the reference range. The biomarkers of fruit/vegetable intake were also analysed and it was seen that those in the reference sleep category had higher levels of carotenoid, vitamin C and lycopene than those in the long and short sleep categories.

Noorwali EA et al. The relationship between sleep duration and fruit/vegetable intakes in UK adults: a cross-sectional study from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey BMJ Open. 2018 Apr 27;8(4): (Epub ahead of print)

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