Air freshener sprays may contain chemicals not listed on the product label which can cause irritation and other health problems in susceptible individuals

In November 2019 researchers from the UAE published the results of their study to ascertain whether there were compounds in air freshener sprays that had not been disclosed on the product’s label. Four different brands of air freshener sprays were selected at a local store, two that were mid-to-high cost and the other two low cost. The samples were assessed and single components of the samples identified. The chemicals found in the samples included lilial, galaxolide, benzenemethanol, musk ketone, butylated hydroxytoluene and linalool, none of which were listed on the product label. However, these specific chemicals are known to have the potential to cause irritation and other health problems.

Ibrahim Alshaer F et al. An analysis of air freshener sprays. J Environ Public Health. 2019 Nov 5;2019:9316707.

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