A moderate yoghurt consumption does not appear to be associated with symptoms of depression

In October 2018 researchers from China and the UK published the results of their study to assess the association between yoghurt consumption and symptoms of depression in adults. A total of 19,596 Chinese adults (average age 41 years; males 54%) were included in the study. Information on dietary intake was collected via a food frequency questionnaire. Symptoms of depression were self-reported by each individual and it was noted that 17% appeared to have an increased level of symptoms. Results showed that there was no significant association between regular yoghurt consumption and self-reported symptoms of depression. It was noted, however, that the relatively high frequency of yoghurt consumption (more than twice a day), seen in a small group of individuals, did appear to be associated with increased depressive symptoms. However, these results need to be interpreted with caution because of the very nature of the information.

Yu B et al. Habitual yoghurt consumption and depressive symptoms in a general population study of 19,596 adults. Eur J Nutr. 2018 Oct;57(7):2621-2628.

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