The commonest cleaning agents causing occupational asthma appear to be chlorine-releasing agents, quaternary ammonium compounds and aldehydes

In November 2018 researchers from the UK published the results of their study to assess the type of cleaning agents which appear to be responsible for occupational asthma. A total of 80 individuals (77% female) with occupational asthma due to cleaning products were included in the study. Information on age, gender, atopic status, smoking history, symptom onset and diagnostic investigations, including specific inhalation challenge, was collected via a clinical database. Results showed that the commonest cleaning agents causing occupational asthma were chloramines (31%), glutaraldehyde (26%) and quaternary ammonium compounds (11%). An analysis on the most frequently implicated industries were healthcare (55%), education (18%) and leisure (8%).

Walters GI et al. Cleaning agent occupational asthma in the West Midlands, UK: 2000-16. Occup Med (Lond). 2018 Nov 16;68(8):530-536

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