High social media usage by students may lead to a reduction in their academic performance

In May 2019 researchers from Iran published the results of their study to assess the association between social networking addiction and academic performance of students. A total of 360 students were included in the study. Information on social media use was collected via questionnaire and the students’ overall grade obtained in the previous educational term was used as an indicator of academic performance. Results showed that there was a moderate level of social networking addiction and that male students appeared to have a higher level of addiction than female students. A further analysis revealed that there was a significant association between the students’ level of social network use and their academic performance, ie as their social media usage increased so their academic performance reduced. The researchers concluded by recommending that university authorities should take steps to help students who are dependent on social media and, through workshops, inform them about the negative consequences of addiction to social networks.

Azizi SM et al. The relationship between social networking addiction and academic performance in Iranian students of medical sciences: a cross-sectional study. BMC Psychol. 2019 May 3;7(1):28.

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