Elevated levels of endocrine disrupting chemicals have been found in pantyhose (tights)

In September 2018 researchers from the USA and Saudi Arabia published the results of their analysis of 23 endocrine-disrupting chemicals, including bisphenols, benzophenones, chlorophenols, parabens, and triclocarban in 74 samples of pantyhose (tights) collected from 6 countries. Results showed that bisphenol S and bisphenol A were found in 100% and 96% of the samples respectively. Several brands contained bisphenol S, bisphenol F, benzophenone-1, ethyl-paraben and triclocarban at a level of milligrams per gram whilst benzophenone-3, 4-hydroxy benzoic acid, methyl-parabens and propyl-parabens were found in over 85% of samples at an average level of several tens to hundreds of nanograms per gram of fabric. Pantyhose made in Japan and China with 21-50% Spandex contained the highest levels of bisphenol S, benzophenone-1 and ethyl-paraben. It was further calculated that skin exposure to bisphenol S, benzophenone-1 and ethyl-paraben by women via pantyhose could be as high as 45,900, 50,600, and 1,800 picograms per kilogram of body weight per day, respectively.

Li AJ, Kannan K. Elevated Concentrations of Bisphenols, Benzophenones, and Antimicrobials in Pantyhose Collected from Six Countries. Environ Sci Technol. 2018 Sep 18;52(18):10812-10819

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