Tablet use in young children is associated with slightly better fine motor skills

In April 2019 researchers from Brazil and The Netherlands published the results of their study to assess whether frequent tablet-use at preschool age was associated with improved fine motor skills. A total of 78 children, aged 24-42 months, were involved in the study, with 26 having had previous tablet-use exposure and 52 no previous exposure. Each child underwent assessment of their fine motor skills. It was noted that the socio-economic data and home environment quality were similar in both groups. Results showed that the fine motor skills of children with previous exposure to tablet use were better than those who had none. Most children carried out both passive and active tablet activities and did not exceed the time recommendations for their age. The researchers concluded that a difference in fine motor skills in young children had been observed and slightly favoured those with tablet-use experience.

Souto PHS et al. Tablet Use in Young Children is Associated with Advanced Fine Motor Skills. J Mot Behav. 2019 Apr 22:1-8 [Epub ahead of print]

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