There is increasing concern that society may be facing déjà vu as the cardiovascular effects produced by cannabis use are similar to those experienced with tobacco smoking

In November 2018 researchers from Greece published their review of the medical scientific literature to assess the cardiovascular effects of cannabis use and compared them with those of tobacco use. Results showed that the increasing growth in cannabis use has produced an increasing number of reports associating cannabis use with serious and life-threatening cardiovascular events, including acute coronary syndromes, cardiac arrhythmias and ischaemic strokes. A further analysis revealed certain similarities between the cardiovascular and respiratory effects of cannabis smoking with those of tobacco smoking. Despite the difference in active ingredients, each substance produces a large number of chemicals when smoked which are largely identical; in addition cannabis chemicals are retained in the body for a longer time. Although the mechanisms producing harmful cardiovascular effects may be somewhat different between the two substances, the outcome appears similar, or even worse, as the effects may emerge at a younger age.

Manolis TA et al. Cannabis Associated “High” Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality: Marijuana Smoke Like Tobacco Smoke? A déjà vu / déjà vécu story? Mini Rev Med Chem. 2018 Nov 13. [Epub ahead of print]

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