Synthetic cannabinoids appear to be associated with an increasing number of serious cardiovascular events in relatively young men

In June 2018 researchers from the USA published their overview on the cardiovascular complications that can occur following the use of cannabis and related substances. They stated that traditional cannabis is often replaced with potent synthetic cannabinoids and cannabimimetics and despite the overwhelming view that these substances are safe, there has been an increasing number of serious cardiovascular events that have occurred following their use. These have included sudden cardiac death, vascular (coronary, cerebral and peripheral) events, arrhythmias and stress cardiomyopathy and have occurred in many relatively young men who generally have no cardiovascular risk factors. There are, therefore, reasons to believe that older individuals as well as those with cardiovascular risk factors or established cardiovascular disease are at even higher danger of experiencing such events following cannabis use. Moreover, effects of cannabis may be increased or altered by the use of prescription medications given for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It is therefore expected that the current cannabis phase will add significantly to the burden of cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Singh A et a;. Cardiovascular Complications of Marijuana and Related Substances: A Review. Cardiol Ther. 2018 Jun;7(1):45-59

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