A higher egg consumption may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in individuals with diabetes type 2

In April 2018 researchers from South Korea published the results of their study to assess egg consumption and cardiovascular disease. A total of 9,248 Korean individuals, aged 40-69 years, with no history of cardiovascular disease or cancer were included in the study. Information on egg consumption was collected using a food frequency questionnaire at the start of the study and also during a second follow-up examination. During an average follow-up of 7.3 years, 570 cases of cardiovascular disease were diagnosed. Results showed that the level of egg consumption appeared to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease among individuals with diabetes type 2. It was seen that individuals with the highest egg consumption had a 3 times higher occurrence of cardiovascular disease than those with the lowest egg consumption. However, no association was seen between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease among individuals without diabetes type 2.

Jang J et al. Longitudinal association between egg consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease: interaction with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Nutr Diabetes. 2018 Apr 25;8(1):20

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