Low-dose vitamin D supplementation does not appear to be associated with any reduced risk of frailty in older individuals

In January 2018 researchers from Italy, UK and Spain published the results of their study to assess whether vitamin D supplementation is associated with a lower risk of frailty. A t total of 4,421 individuals (average age 61 years; females 58%), who were at high risk or had knee osteoarthritis, and were free from frailty at the start of the study were included in the study. Information on vitamin D supplementation was collected by asking, on a monthly basis, whether the individual had taken vitamin D during the previous year. At the start of the study 70% had taken vitamin D supplements in the previous year, with an average dose of 384 IU per day. Results showed that during the 8-year period of follow-up low-dose vitamin D supplementation was not associated with any reduced risk of frailty.  Further research with high doses of vitamin D supplementation is therefore required. 

Bolzetta F et al. Low-dose vitamin D supplementation and incident frailty in older people: An eight year longitudinal study. Exp Gerontol. 2018 Jan;101:1-6 

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