Mindfulness or meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong appear to improve cognitive function and everyday functioning in adults with mild cognitive impairment

In February 2019 researchers from Portugal published their review of the medical scientific literature to assess the effect of different mind-body interventions, such as mindfulness or meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong, on cognitive function and everyday functioning of adults, aged 55 years or over, with mild cognitive impairment. A total of 9 studies were included in the review. Results showed that the mind-body interventions improved cognitive function and everyday functioning, such as memory, resilience and mindfulness.  However, it should be noted that study sizes were small, there was no control group and an absence of long-term follow up. Therefore, further research is required. 

Farhang M et al. Impact of mind-body interventions in older adults with mild cognitive impairment: a systematic review. Int Psychogeriatr. 2019 Feb 4:1-24. [Epub ahead of print] 

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