A higher intake of plant-based products along with a lower intake of animal products may reduce the risk of digestive and lung cancers

In November 2018 researchers from France published the results of their study to assess the association between a plant-based dietary score and cancer risk.  A higher plant-based dietary score reflects the contribution of consumed plant vs animal products and has already been associated with a reduced risk of diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular disease in meat-eating adults. A total of 42,544 individuals, aged 45 years and over, who had completed at least three 24-hour dietary records during the first year of follow-up were included in the study. During the period of follow-up 1,591 diagnoses of cancer were made which included 487 breast, 243 prostate, 198 digestive and 68 lung cancers. Results showed that a higher plant-based dietary score was associated with a reduced risk of both digestive and lung cancer, although no substantial association was found for breast or prostate cancers.

Kane-Diallo A et al. Association between a pro plant-based dietary score and cancer risk in the prospective NutriNet-santé cohort. Int J Cancer. 2018 Nov 1;143(9):2168-2176

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