Coffee appears to reduce the risk of liver cancer but not biliary tract cancers

In August 2017, researchers from Italy, Poland and the UK published a review of the scientific literature relating to coffee consumption and risk of liver cancer and biliary tract cancer.  A total of 5 studies on biliary tract cancer risk and 13 studies on liver cancer risk were analysed. Results showed that there was  no significant association between coffee consumption and biliary tract cancer risk. However, increasing coffee consumption by one cup per day appeared to be associated with a 15% reduction in risk of liver cancer. This association was consistent throughout various potential confounding factors explored, including smoking status and hepatitis.

Godos J et al. Coffee Consumption and Risk of Biliary Tract Cancers and Liver Cancer: A Dose-Response Meta-Analysis of Prospective Cohort Studies. Nutrients. 2017 Aug 28;9(9)

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