A higher salt intake appears to be linked to obesity in both children and adults which is independent of energy intake

In October 2015 researchers from the UK published the results of their study to assess whether salt intake was associated with obesity independent of energy intake.  Energy intake was calculated using 4-day food diaries from 458 children (52% boys, average age 10 years) and 785 adults (47% men, average age 49 years) and salt intake by the sodium content in 24-hour urine collections. Results showed that salt intake was higher in overweight and obese individuals.  A further analysis revealed that a 1g per day increase in salt intake was associated with a 28% increase in the risk of obesity in children and a 26% increase in adults. In addition, a higher salt intake was significantly related to higher body fat mass in both children and adults.

Ma Y et al. High salt intake: independent risk factor for obesity? Hypertension 2015;66:843-9.

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